My Slate interview about the novels!

Slate’s June Thomas just interviewed me about how I use real on-the-ground reporting to help bring John Wells and his world to life. I thought the questions were excellent — hope you enjoy the conversation! Read Interview

2 thoughts on “My Slate interview about the novels!”

  1. Sorry, I am aware my comment is a little outdated, I just happened to read this interview today.
    “Even so, sometimes I wish I did have a little bit more flair in my language.”
    Alex, there is nothing wrong with your language, your capability to convey complex messages in a compressed, simplified structure lifts you (in my view) out of the crowd. By cutting away the ‘fluff’ you create poetry without the roses. Your style reminds me very much of the way one enjoys good jazz music, it’s the notes that are left out that make it so good!

  2. Just discovered you from the NYT bestsellers list on my library’s website. Started with Counterfeit Agent and stopped because I had to go to the FIRST book. Really enjoy your writing and your characters. Only hate your books because they are so realistic. Keep up the great work. On second book now and just about to start third one. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

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