6 thoughts on “The Shadow Patrol”

  1. Mr. Berenson, I thoroughly enjoy reading the work of good authors and you are definitely a good author. Informative, human, able to keep a choke-hold on my attention and an IV line to my soul. You asked for a suggestion–from me? What could I suggest? Then I remembered the Google and Mapquest maps I’d tucked into the front cover to track the geography of the book. Neither had all the places, provinces,and topography you mentioned, so a custom map drawn on the inside cover papers would be a wonderful addition. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. These books must be turned into films. I don’t know why the Hollywood directors are still inclined towards 007, Jack Ryan and John McClane when they have Berenson’s John Wells as a new avatar!

  3. I enjoy your books, but in Shadow Patrol on page 30 you made a bad mistake. Fort Bliss is not in San Antonio. The burn center is at BAMC Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

    • Roy — appreciate the correction. I don’t know how I made that mistake as I have actually been to BAMC at Ft. Sam Houston – but a lot of readers have pointed it out! Anyway, I apologize. Alex

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